Co2 Reduction

AG PLUS is a tile made using CO2.CO2 is used formaterials.      A main raw material has added other silver ion, inorganic pigments, and the reinforcement fiber with the ALC powder and carbon dioxide.
 20% of the weightconsists of CO2.AG isproduced in 1u=11piece, 1,760g of CO2 is reduced from the earth.

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Japanese construction materials and house equipment industry society issued.
A Standard of Humidity conditioning construction materials.

A certification of  environmental  building material in Korea as ECO tile.


 The World's First Eco Friendly Humid & Odor Eliminate Materials.


                   a.tile for green building

Genuine eco-tile

AG PLUS 3 functions

First.   MINUS -ODOR



AG PLUS is a quite new eco material that contributes to
the global warming  prevention and to resource conservation.

Genuine Eco Friendly Product Starts From The Production Line.
As much as 98% of the raw materials comes from recycled goods.
The main material used is reinfoeced fiber with ALC powder and carbon dioxide added with silver ion
(AG+) and in organic pigments.

The core of its technology is the use of CO2 that is injected to produce microns of air gaps that
acts as a conditioning device .
Silver ions (AG+) is used as the main materials to absorb and eliminate odor and bacteria.

Unlike most other production lines, AGPLUS does not use fire to bake making it very ECO friendly.